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Selecting Kitchen Cabinets With Granite Design

Your kitchen is one of those places in your house that you will get to spend a lot of time in. So you want this space to be exceptionally stylish with some touch of elegance. Well, this will be dependant on the kind of material that you use for its construction and design. Currently, one of the most sought after material for kitchens is granite. But to get the ideal granite Design for your kitchen there are several factors that you need to consider.Let us take a look at some of these factors.

The Size Of The Kitchen

The size of your kitchen goes a really long way in determining the kind of granite design that you are going to fit into it. For instance, if your kitchen is smaller you need to go for granite colors that will create an illusion of space. And the best colors for this purpose are usually granites that come in light hues. On the other hand if your kitchen is big you need to go for granite colors that are a bit dark so that you neutralise out the space. This balancing is going to leave your kitchen with a very impressive effect.

The Color of Your Cabinet

Another key factor that you will need to consider as you go out selecting granite designs for your kitchen is the color of your kitchen cabinet. Imagine stepping into a kitchen that has granite that is of the same color as the kitchen cabinet, how does it make you feel? As a rule of thumb, at no point should the color of the granite design you have used on your kitchen match the color of your kitchen cabinets. Instead, go for colors that contrast with that of the cabinets. If the color on your cabinet is dark you can opt for a light hued granite design that has speckles that match that on the kitchen cabinet to create some balance . So in contrast, if you have white kitchen cabinets go for granite designs that are darker. 

Consider the Prices

Granite designs do not come in the same prices and so before you go out purchasing some, you have to be sure that what you are getting matches your budget. Something that can really help you establish this is how the patterns and the veins on the granite are ordered. For instance, granite designs that have many patterns or veins that run through them tend to cost more. On the other hand, those that have less patterns or veins cost less. And since these granite designs are not cheap, we also recommend that you choose the right professionals who are going to fit them for you. This is to ensure you have the right finish.

The Amount of Light in Your Kitchen

Depending on where your kitchen is located, the amount of light that is coming into it plays a major role in determing your granite design options. If your kitchen is located in an area that experiences little to no natural light then you have no option but to go for granite hues that are a bit light to brighten the kitchen. Thus in this scenerio you can't go wrong with white granite designs. But if your kitchen receives a lot of light then go for hues that are dark to create an effect that balances out the light coming in. For this scenerio, go for granite design colors like black, mahogany or a darker shade of blue.

Select The Granite In Person

You want to be sure that the granite design that you are going to get is as per your specific preferences, thus you need to do two things for this to be successful. First, you have to ensure you are there in person on the day of the purchase. Specifically so that you can do an evaluation of the granite designs to establish quality. Secondly, you have to carry some samples of the exact finishes you have in your house for the sake of making comparisons. Some of the key samples that you will have to carry with you are for kitchen cupboards, the painting of your house and the nature and color of the flooring of your house.

So the next time you go out selecting a granite design for your kitchen, you need to consider these factors. Try and establish the size of your kitchen. Ask yourself whether the kitchen cabinet design will match the granite that you are going to get. Also you need to decide how much you are willing to spend on the granite design that you want. You need to factor in the light in your kitchen and then also go there in person during purchase to be sure you have the right thing.